Recall Like a Melody

This is a touching and nostalgic song about a past love and relationship. The singer recalls their time in Dublin with their love interest, describing the innocence and joy they shared together. They also reflect on how things changed as the relationship grew and how it eventually came to an end. Despite the pain of the breakup, the singer wishes the best for their ex and is grateful for the memories they have. The chorus and outro emphasize that the singer will always remember this time as a melody in their heart.

Verse 1
I woke up and went to dublin
my first day was on a sunday
so nervous couldn’t focus
but I knew what I had to do

Pre Chorus
so I set up my things and there you were
with your sunglasses and a white t-shirt
you asked me to sing “can’t help falling in love”
oh if I knew what were to come

but back to the story, it felt like a big fantasy
singing and flirting we fit like a good poetry
oh oh oh
I recall it all like a melody

Verse 2
and so it goes every week day
we were on the phone til 4am
you’d tell me your secrets
trusted me with the little things

Pre Chorus
and we could’t wait for saturday
cause we knew we’d see each other again
and while my mind was on my heart
my dreams were falling apart

but back to the story, we were only two teens
tool me to places i’ve never seen
we drank coffee at Stephen’s green
oh oh oh
I recall it all

and suddenly the planets collided
jupiter took me out of your mind
so you called me up and said
that the time wasn’t right
and suddenly I turned to the side
you found the one for all times
the one who makes you cry
but the love of your life

Verse 3
and I hope she makes you happier (if I ever did)
cause even though you left me
you still mean everything to me
I recall it all

but back to the story, I’m glad you found your happy end
and I found myself again
and no I don’t wanna be friends

I recall it all
like a melody

Mel Maryns © copyright 2023. All Rights Reserved.